It’s Been Too Long

Twenty months after my initial announcement, I’m pleased to say…

The “Six-String Preacher” is back!

Some of you may be applauding. Many of you didn’t even realize I was gone. Nevertheless, like MacArthur in the Philippines, I have returned.

Why have I been gone so long, you may ask? Well, there are a number of reasons. In the last two years (or longer) I have been learning difficult lessons about the potential of various kinds of social media (for better or for worse). I have witnessed the extreme polarization of opinion in this country that has been bolstered by various “keyboard commandos” who would likely wet themselves and cry to their mamas before delivering their opinions eyeball to eyeball. I felt that adding my opinion to the fray was doing more to feed my own ego than minister anything of substance, so I abstained.

There are personal reasons as well. It will be four years on January 28th that my mother left us, entirely too soon at age 60. I will likely write about this more later on, but it definitely took a bit of the wind out of my sails.

Since the last time I blogged, I’ve also taken a full-time secular position managing a local livery service, so my ministry time has been reserved primarily for prayer and the Word. It has left little time for writing, but as one elder in my life has said, we make time for things that are important. No excuses.

Next logical question–Why now?

Because I have learned some things about Christian living and ministry that I want to pass on to others who may find it useful. At age forty-one, I feel I’m in a great position–young enough to be relevant and old enough to be respected.

Because I lost my voice in this particular medium, and want to get it back–hopefully with a little more wisdom this time around.

Most of all, because I enjoyed the interaction with those who took the time to read my thoughts and respond to what I wrote. It really was (and will be) a blessing.

Looking forward to sharing and learning and processing with all of you once again. Until next time!


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